Impedance spectroscopy


Impedance spectroscopy is a relatively simple and non-destructive method for the investigation of biological and non-biological objects.

The measuring system IMPSPEC is designed for industrial applications and consists of an assortment of measuring sensors (Applicators) and a compact and modular processing unit.

IMPSPEC requires no PC for operation and is therefore very secure against disturbance and failure. A PC is easily connected via an USB interface to set measurement parameters and for service work as well as for data logging.

IMPSPEC uses modern multi-sine procedures for fast and precise measurements.

IMPSPEC calibrates itself automatically and thereby achieves high channel symmetry better than 0,01dB / 0,02°.

IMPSPEC is offered for a wide frequency range from some mHz up to 20 MHz.

IMPSPEC adapts its measuring signals to an optimal for each individual measurement task achieving high measurement accuracy with short gate times.

The IMPSPEC service software possesses efficient and clear diagrams of absolute value and phase, real and imaginary parts as well as locus diagrams.