The MAD-41 is able to cost-effectively register and classify noises and vibrations in real-time. This capability makes it ideally suited for machine and plant automation in control management systems (CMS) as well as for more general noise analysis including quality control.

The MAD-41 registers noises or vibrations with suitable sensors such as microphone, radar or mechanical vibration. The noises or vibrations are processed in the main unit and the real-time result is provided as output which may be directly fed to the plant or machine control systems.

The main unit contains a high performance digital signal processor (DSP) which controls and classifies the sensor measurements in very short measurement and analysis cycles.

A PC is used to programme and collect protocols from MAD413s but is not required for operation. This makes the MAD-41 small, robust, powerful and reliable. The MAD-41 has been designed to be universally applied to specific application measurement requirements through a short noise or vibration learning phase.

Application areas include:

  • Automation of machine or plant maintenance planning and decisions e.g. replacement of worn parts, co-ordination of plant operation
  • Quality control of components expected to provide a particular noise
  • Customisation of devices for the deaf or hard of hearing
  • Analysis of doppler radar signals
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