MAD-501P Integrated measuring and signal processing system for determination of acoustic properties of technical system components

The MAD-501P is a measurement system, which includes a large number of different, partly expanded, acoustic standard measurement scenarios.

It allows both the use

  • as a purely passive analyzer, to detect and evaluate acoustic vibrations
  • as well as the possibility of detecting and analyzing the behavior of technical devices or spatial objects on certain acoustic / vibration-related events generated by the MAD-501P itself.

In version MAD-501P2 the device has a second sensor input. Via this input, a plurality of current active and passive measuring sensors  can be adapted and incorporated into the analysis process of the basic device MAD-501P.

The listed functionality allows the production of the measuring system MAD-501P in an OEM version so that the user can design the final use in his own responsibility.

A corresponding software and user interface structure provides the necessary parameterization support.

Typical applications

  • Quality measurements on bass speakers
  • Measurement of acoustic impedances (Impedance spectroscopie)
  • Measurements on batteries and accumulators
  • Room acoustics
  • Distance measurements in complex spatial arrangements
  • Acoustic measurements of pipelines and containers flowing through liquids or gases
  • Structural acoustic measurements in the low frequency range
  • Integration of external sensors (pressure measurement, dimension measurement, density measurement)
  • General sound and vibration analysis
  • EOL Control of quality assurance
  • Vibration measurements
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